Thinking Inside The Box For Fundraising Success
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Thinking Inside The Box For Fundraising Success
Who hasn’t been told to “think outside the box”? The intent is great, but the phrase is misleading. The truth is, to think that we can pluck ideas from nothingness is to believe in magic, not the creative process. It’s time to rethink the greatest cliché of creativity. Some people make the creative process too complex and others make it too simple. But there is a place in the middle that is thoughtful without being obscure. And that’s where “Think Inside The Box” comes in. Creative strategist and veteran communications executive John Armato focuses on an organic, practical and demystifying approach to the creative process and has tailored his presentation for the United Way Nonprofit Leadership Summit to include examples from philanthropy and trends for fundraisers to consider as they build future programs.

Led by John Armato, Senior Partner & Creative Strategist, FleishmanHillard Sacramento

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