Thank you UPS, you truly are determined to make a difference
Celebrating 35 years of partnering together


UPS has gone through many changes in its 110 year history, but maybe never more so than over the past few years. Yet, for all the changes the company has experienced, one thing remains the same, their commitment to the communities they live and work in. That commitment, and partnership with United Way California Capital Region, has now lasted for 35 years. UPS has always been and continues to be one of the largest givers in our five county region. Through the generosity of its employees, management and corporate donations, thousands of people’s lives have been changed for the better.  Last year alone, UPSers in the Sacramento region raised more than $320,000 through their workplace giving campaign. 

We are so thankful for the support UPS provides to our AARP Experience Corps tutoring program among other United Way programs. Not only does UPS support our local United Way, they also provide support to some of our certified nonprofit partners.

UPS’ Engineering Section Manager and United Way board member, Andrea Shipley loves supporting United Way:

“UPS partners with United Way because we have a long legacy of supporting our community in the most efficient and effective manner. Our local United Way provides us access to local agencies and programs that make an impact in our respective local communities across the nation. United Way identifies areas of need in the community that will have long term impact. This partnership allows UPS employees to engage and connect with the community through local volunteer events in addition to our annual giving campaign. This also allows UPS employees to see how their giving impacts the individuals and families in the community that we all work in and live in.”

Thank you UPS!