Thank you UPS! You heart logistics and we heart you!
Week of Thanks


As one of the community’s largest supporters, UPS provides opportunities for dozens of presentations from certified United Way partners to nearly every UPS employee despite the shift they work. That means since UPS is a 24 hour operation, extra work goes in to ensuring presentations are provided throughout the day, even at midnight or 2:00am so nobody gets left out! This is a win-win for employees to learn about community organizations and for community organizations to have the opportunity to share the good work they are doing.

In addition, managers make individual leadership asks as well as hosting a pancake breakfast for drivers and other employees during the campaign. This is just another way UPS allows their employees the opportunity to be engaged in the community.

It’s no surprise after all the effort put into the UPS campaign that this year UPS was the winner of the Outstanding Campaign Techniques award, and for good reason. Thank you for your commitment to the California Capital Region!


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