Thank you State Street for many levels of involvement!
Week of Thanks


State Street’s internal giving campaign boasts an abundance of options for employees to give back, not only monetarily but also by volunteering their time. The word was spread by a number of presentations and an Agency Fair featuring United Way’s Emerging Leaders, Impact Councils and Women in Philanthropy. 

Many special events including the ever popular basket drawings where employees bought tickets and the money raised went back to United Way’s Community Impact Projects. On top of that, volunteers went to the Boys and Girls Club every week as well as participated in two large Junior Achievement volunteer events. They are also a top TP donor for our annual Toilet Paper Drive.

State Street is home to several members of United Way’s Women in Philanthropy and Emerging Leaders programs. Even the SVP is on the United Way Board of Directors. With so much support, no wonder you are one of our community’s biggest supporters. Thank you for all you continue to do!