Thank you SMUD, powering our community beyond electricity!
Week of Thanks


SMUD is one of our community’s biggest supporters when it comes to giving back. In addition to many smaller scale special events, SMUD hosts an outstanding carnival and golf tournament as part of their giving campaign. Both events are well attended by SMUD employees and the team at SMUD works tirelessly on every detail.

As a whole, the SMUD Combined Charities campaign raised more than $275,000 for the community with more than half (186,000) going directly to either United Way’s Community Impact Fund or one of United Way’s certified partners. This is an increase from last year in both total and participation!

SMUD’s activities and campaign is a perfect example of the LIVE UNITED movement, which is why SMUD won the LIVE UNITED award for the 2011-12 campaign. Congratulations and thank you for all you do.


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