Thank You SMUD, for being a powerhouse for our community!


SMUD is one of our community’s biggest supporters when it comes to giving back. SMUD’s campaign committee is known for planning phenomenal special events and this year was no different! In addition to many smaller scale events, SMUD kicked off their campaign with various breakfasts and presentations, hosted a golf tournament and successfully held the largest carnival yet! The amount of detail that goes into each event does not go unrecognized, as all events are well attended by fellow SMUD employees.

As a whole, the SMUD Combined Charities Campaign raised more than $300,000 in employee donations alone for the community, with more than half (204,000) going directly to either United Way’s Community Impact Fund or one of United Way’s certified partners. This is an increase from last year in both total and participation!

Thank you SMUD, for LIVING UNITED and helping our community thrive. For this reason, SMUD has won the Outstanding Community Partner Award for the 2012-2013 SMUD Combined Charities Campaign.

Thank you SMUD!


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