STAR Readers helps Madison improve reading and behavior
STAR Readers Success Story


When Madison joined the Boys & Girls Club of El Dorado County Western Slope at age 5 in June 2011, she was struggling in school and struggling even more with behavior.

Staff referred Madison to United Way’s STAR Readers project, through which the club is a funded partner. STAR Readers partners work with children in kindergarten through third grade to ensure they are reading at grade level by fourth grade, a key indicator of high school graduation.

Madison’s original benchmark test showed she was reading far below grade level. Through STAR Readers, Madison learned reading could be fun and especially enjoyed the Sight Words Game where she could see how many new words she had learned. Her second benchmark test showed visible growth and she is now far closer to her goal of reading at grade level.

Meanwhile, Madison’s behavior has improved. In her first six months at the club, she had seven write-ups for bad language, defiance, fighting and refusal to participate. She nearly had her membership revoked. Club staff encouraged her to participate in STAR Readers and other programs and encouraged her parents to get involved. Her behavior has improved dramatically, and Madison is now well on her way to becoming a shining STAR.