STAR Readers helps Jacqueline shine
STAR Readers Success Story

Jacqueline has always been a shining example – enthusiastic, outgoing, well-behaved and completes her assignments. But the third-grader at Maple Elementary School in South Sacramento struggled with reading fluency and comprehension in a predominantly Spanish-speaking family living in a low-income neighborhood.

Her school referred her to Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center, a funded partner in United Way’s STAR Readers project. STAR Readers partners work with children in kindergarten through third grade to ensure they are reading at grade level by fourth grade, a key indicator of high school graduation.

STAR Readers is helping Jacqueline focus on vocabulary and spelling to help her read more fluently and understand the material. She still struggles, but her reading is improving. Jacqueline shines with the other kids in the group thanks to her glowing, outgoing personality – an uncommon trait in children with literacy issues. She creates a warm, happy environment for her peers in the group and is a shining role model.