New Emergency Food Provider!
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services to assist Labor Families.


Working Families in the Sacramento Region now have a new Emergency Food Assistance provider, as well as a new Operation Christmas Basket program food sponsor!

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) has agreed to be the AFL-CIO Community Services Program’s emergency food provider throughout the year, as well as providing Working Families with the food product for our annual Operation Christmas Basket Program!

The AFL-CIO Community Services Program has struggled the last few years to continue to provide these valuable food assistance services to our Members, when the California Emergency Food Link went through a re-organization, and could no longer do so. This new partnership will ensure that when Working Families have a need for food assistance, SFBFS will be there to help!

SFBFS has grown to be the Sacramento region’s largest provider of food product to our areas food distribution agencies, who then distribute the food to our local communities & neighbors in need!

With the recent merger with Senior Gleaners of Sacramento, SFBFS have gone from feeding 45,000 families a month, to now feeding over 150,000 families in any given month!

Additionally, SFBFS provides much more than just food resources to our community. Since 1976, they has shown a commitment to bettering the lives of those in our community by offering a full range of services that combats hunger, improves literacy, strengthens families, educates youth, fosters technological skills, mentors parents, builds self-esteem and provides hope for our neighbors.

Supporters and volunteers make their work possible. Please be supportive of their work by volunteering at one of their facilities, or by helping them raise valuable resources, so that they can continue to provide these great services to the community!

Volunteer Opportunities at New Facility

Along with the acquisition of the Senior Gleaner Organization, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services also inherited the aging Senior Gleaner facility on Bell Avenue in North Sacramento. While this facility served the distribution needs of the Senior Gleaners for many years, it has become in need of extensive facility upgrades and refurbishing.

We have already had leadership teams from some of our Building & Construction Trades Unions, tour the facility & volunteer to lend their Industries expertise in helping the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services make this a first class distribution facility!

Over the next few months, we will be organizing numerous volunteer projects at the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services facility on Bell Avenue. Please look for opportunities for your Local Union and its Members, to come out and lend a hand in some of these great team-building activities!

Find out information on how your organization can assist this wonderful nonprofit agency that’s going to assist so many of our fellow members & their families with food assistance for years to come.

Contact the United Way’s Community Services Labor Liaison at or 916-368-3018.