Michael Ryan, Change Management and Solutions Architect
Craft Your Most Memorable Elevator Speech


“I lead organizations through change and transition by focusing on the human impact of the change. It is called change management and everyone, and every organization needs it whether they know it or not. Too many times, they figure it out too late, but my job is to show them there is always a path to success.” That’s my elevator speech.

Early in his professional career, Michael worked for the San Francisco Giants in the Community Relations department sponsoring events for the community in and around the Hunters Point area of San Francisco. His favorite organization was the Junior Giants Program, which helps boys and girls 8-13 years old learn baseball skills in a non-competitive and fun format.

For the last 18 years, Michael has been helping businesses of all sizes with organizational change.  He has lead business transformation initiatives by addressing change management needs in the areas of learning solutions, communications, leadership, organizational alignment, workforce transition, and deployment.

As a project manager, Michael has lead numerous teams through successful technology implementations and has earned the reputation for designing and creating practical, innovative, learning solutions using mobile and new technologies.

At home, he is the father of three kids. He enjoys volunteering at his kid’s schools and coaching in their sport leagues. He is a self-described weekend warrior who still loves to play sports himself.  He received a Masters Degree from University of San Francisco and a Bachelors degree in Communications from California State University, Sacramento.