Let’s build community gardens
24 hours to make your promise for a healthier community


What you can do right now!

What you can do tomorrow!

  • Make a donation of $25 or more at givelocalnow.org/uwccp
  • Share our goal to build local community gardens
  • Visit us at Fremont Park from 11:30 – 1:30 to make your promise for healthier communities. (Bonus! That’s during the Farmers Market!)
  • Tweet us! Use the hashtag #GIVEBIGDOG #moregardens
  • Like & share our Facebook posts

Our plan: On May 6th we are crowdfunding to build community gardens in our neighborhoods to cultivate healthy children, families and communities!

Our hope: For these gardens to be used as a tool to promote healthy lifestyle choices to future generations and foster the growth of active and involved citizens.

Your role: By making a contribution on May 6th you’re making a promise to build something you want to see exist in the world. As a donor you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to volunteer to help build these gardens!

Your dollar: Every dollar you donate will be leveraged by local businesses and organizations who have contributed funds to a pool of matching dollars! There’s no better time to donate!

Want to know more? Contact Kaila Ricci at kaila.ricci@uwccr.org or 916-856-3910.

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