Janas Durkee, Nonprofit Professional and Consultant
Moderator, Enhancing and Strengthening our Collective Impact


Janas Durkee is a nonprofit professional and consultant to organizations building local coalitions to address critical community needs. Much of her work over the past 18 years has been focused on asset development, pro-active health strategies and education priorities through facilitating the formation of effective coalitions and providing training and technical assistance to nonprofits integrating best practices.  She served as Community and Development Director of the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, Program Director for Lane Arts Council (Lane County, Oregon), Community Development Manager of United Way Lane County (Oregon), Community Impact Program Officer with United Way California Capital Region and most recently is a coalition consultant for United Way Monterey County, United Way Santa Cruz and the Watsonville Law Center. 

Ms. Durkee has also acted as the Sacramento/California Capital Region Bank On Coordinator, has successfully initiated and operated Financial Stability Partnerships, participated in a nationwide “Income Mobilization” effort with United Way Worldwide, served on the steering committee as a back-bone organization of the Sacramento Region Assets and Opportunities Network , worked with the California Capital Region VITA Project and currently serves as a Central Coast representative on the United Ways of California ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) Report, as well as a steering committee member for the Arts Alliance for Education with the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County.  She has an extensive background on effective evaluation techniques and strategies of individual programs as well as coalition efforts to address broad community needs.

Janas has participated in professional development opportunities, highlights include: Neighborworks® Financial Coaching Certification, Training Others with YMCA of the USA, and Harwood Innovators Lab for community collaborative development.  During the course of her work, she has facilitated the development of and has participated in several coalitions. She is recognized for her innovative and unique abilities to encourage active participation amongst all coalition members.