Gorden Fowler, President & CEO, 3fold Communications
Millennial Engagement, Navigating Generational Motivation and Complexities


The road leading to starting  3fold Communications  has been a varied one, both professionally  and geographically for Gordon.   Born in New Zealand and raised in Latin America, Gordon has lived and worked up and down the East and West Coast corridors – New York City to Miami, Washington DC, Los Angeles and now, Sacramento.

With over 20 years of experience connecting consumers to products and services, Gordon launched 3fold Communications in 2004, and has built 3fold into a multi-million dollar agency. 3fold’s creative and disciplined team directs a diverse roster of clients in 25 states across broad industry sectors.

Gordon has maintained  his unique vision of building an agency focused  on “contributing  to thriving communities,”  by providing  clients  with successful  marketing  campaigns  that are all-encompassing: tying  together  thoughtful  public  relations,  targeted  promotions,  coordinated  branding,  eye-catching design, and responsive social media, into a high-level strategy focused on relevancy and results.