Gelper: A Resource for Nonprofits


What is Gelper?

The name Gelper is a mash up of “Giver + Helper.”  Simply put, Gelper is the mobile app for non profits who don’t have their own mobile app.  Gelper allows the local community to connect with your organization in a few simple ways:

  • Easily search for your non profit
  • Follow and share all of your social media posts on one dashboard
  • Sign up for your events
  • Donate to your organization from their mobile device

We’re happy to share that Gelper is a free service to nonprofits.  

Gelper is currently in the Beta Launch stage with Modesto and Sacramento being their two test markets.  During the month of October the app is being released only to nonprofits to evaluate the app and register their organizations.  In the upcoming weeks they will announce Gelper to the general public.  

Check it out

As Gelper is in its Beta Launch stage, they are asking for us to do 3 quick things:

  1. If you have an iPhone or iPad, download the app (go to and click on the Download button) and sign up.  When you are creating an account, please use the non-Facebook registration if you are going to be administering your organization’s account on Gelper. 
  2. Even if you do not have an iPhone or iPad, please go to and sign up your non-profit so it can be approved into the Gelper database (this took me about 10 minutes).  Many of your organizations have already been loaded into the app.  If so, email and let them know your name so they can link your organization to your account and make sure all of your data is accurate.
  3. Feel free to check the app out and provide feedback, as Beta stage partners they are looking to us for insight as to what you like and what you think needs changing.

After that, sit back and relax. Gelper will contact you with further instructions on broadcasting the launch to your community.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Eric Jung directly at

Thanks everyone, we are excited for the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of using this service to help our community connect.