Folsom Cordova Community Partnership Empowers Families to a Brighter Future


There’s an air of excitement in the room as Robert Sanger outlines the future of The Folsom Cordova Community Partnership (The Partnership). Our certified nonprofit partner has vibrant plans for the years ahead with an expansion and remodeling project about to start at their Family Resource Center located in Rancho Cordova.

Sanger and his dedicated team see those effects each and every day. Single moms struggling to work and care for young ones with little or no family support … Jobless dads unable to provide the basics for their family.

“It’s a project that’s been in the making for over a year now,” Sanger notes. “This will allow us to provide added services and a warm, welcoming environment. When you consider the daily challenges our clients face, this is very important.”

Founded in 1992, The Partnership has been helping thousands of people overcome a range of issues such as poverty, joblessness and impacts of child abuse and neglect on the family.

“We’re about providing high impact programs and filling in the gaps in services that families either can’t get from other agencies or don’t have the means to travel elsewhere to get,” Sanger points out. ” We strive to create a One Stop Shop environment for our clients.”

Services like a parent education initiative that introduces new parents to important child development milestones… a program that provides new car seats to moms and dads who participate in a Car Seat Safety Education workshop… a job placement initiative that provides job training for unemployed adults by matching them with employers who are hiring … even Safety-Net services to help families find temporary housing or assistance with utility bills.

“These programs are living proof that we can address major challenges in the community like breaking the cycle of poverty or reducing the incidence of child abuse or neglect in families,” Sanger says.

But given that The Partnership gets approximately 75% of its funding from federal, state and local grants, Sanger and his team are constantly working to generate new revenue. That’s why he is particularly grateful for his partnership with the United Way.

“Not only are the dollars we get from the United Way important to keeping our programs going, the fact that we are a ‘certified agency’ is a huge help in getting other donors to support us,” he says. “It’s the gold standard for non-profits. Donors have an extra measure of confidence that we will do the work we say we will do with the money we receive.”

And that leads to success stories like one father who recently visited The Partnership with his girlfriend as she neared the end of her pregnancy.

“His main goal was to change the way he parents. He told our staff that he didn’t do a good job of parenting his older son and he didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes with his new child,” Sanger says. “Within hours, we connected his girlfriend to the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program for nutritional assistance. Both of them enrolled in parenting workshops and they enrolled in our home visitation program to help mom with the transition of caring for a newborn.

“Now that the baby is born, Dad reports he’s is much more confident in his fathering abilities and the family is successfully handling life with a new baby in the house. He’s even told us that he’s become a much more active father figure in his older son’s life. It’s stories like this that makes our job here so rewarding.”

And why continued donations from United Way and others are so vitally important.