Enrolling your Ralphs Rewards Card will help Asian Pacific Community Fund


Enroll your Ralphs Rewards Card with Ralphs Community Contribution. It only takes a minute to do so, and a percentage of all your Ralphs Rewards Card purchases will go to United Way’s certified nonprofit partner Asian Pacific Community Fund.

They have been receiving quarterly contributions from Ralph’s from those who registered the Asian Pacific Community Fund as thier Community Contribution last year. Start this year or make sure to re-register your card this year.

In order to keep giving to APCF through your everyday shopping, you must re-register the Asian Pacific Community Fund as your Community Contribution every year.

Follow the instructions to re-register your Ralphs Rewards Card today!

STEP 1:  Sign Up for a Ralphs.com Account and Register Your Rewards Card Online!
(If you already have a Ralphs.com account, skip to STEP 2.)

  1. Visit www.ralphs.com
  2. Click on “Services” in the top menu.
  3. Click on “Community Contributions” in the left side menu.
  4. Scroll down and click “Enroll” under Participant.
  5. Click on “Get started. Sign up today!” to create a Ralphs Account.
  6. Sign up for a Ralphs Account by following these steps: 
    1. Enter and confirm both your email address and a password.
    2. Enter your Zip Code and click “Find Stores.” Select your preferred store location from the dropdown menu, then click “Save and Continue.”
    3. Select “Yes, I have a Ralphs Rewards Card”.
    4. Enter your Ralphs Rewards Card Number or Alternate ID (usually your Phone Number). Also enter your Last Name and Zip Code, then click “Save and Continue.”
    5. Click on any email subscriptions you’d like to receive, then click “Save and Continue.”
    6. Confirm your Ralphs.com information, and Agree to the Terms & Conditions by clicking the check box.
    7. Click on “Complete Registration.”
  7. You will then get a message to check your email inbox and click on the link within the body of the email. You will now see “Your Ralphs.com Account Has Been Activated.”

STEP 2: Register APCF as Your Community Contribution!

  1. Visit www.ralphs.com
  2. Click on “Sign In.”
  3. Enter your email address and password to log in.
  4. Click on “My Account.”
  5. Scroll down and click on “Community Rewards.”
  6. Click “Edit Community Contribution Program Information.”
  7. Enter “Asian Pacific Community Fund” into the text box, select organization from the list that populates, and click “Save Changes.”
  8. To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will now see your organization’s name on your account page.
  9. You have now completed your Online rewards card registration AND Community Contributions registration!

Thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated!  Please help grow this support by forwarding this email to your friends, family and colleagues as well.