Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Volunteers help break ground for Habitat for Humanity


Volunteers from Dr. Pepper Snapple Group volunteered with United Way certified partner Sacramento Habitat for Humanity on Saturday, October 20th. Volunteers reported to the construction site bright and early to help continue the initial steps of the newly started project. Volunteers worked with the lively staff of Habitat to continue the digging of the ground where the foundation will eventually be put in and other tasks to get the project moving forward.Sacramento Habitat for Humanity builds affordable housing for qualified Sacramento low income families, sells these homes at cost and provides no down payment/zero interest mortgages.

The best part of the day was spending the morning with the future homeowners, who applied for and were granted the opportunity to put in a certain number of hours towards completing the project in order to eventually call it home! The excitement was evident as the homeowners gave volunteers a “tour” of the layout of the house that will eventually sit on the site. Our volunteers all worked really hard, but the homeowners were clearly proud to be the hardest working of all—which helped our volunteers to keep pushing to get the work done. Thank you to Dr. Pepper Snapple Group corporation for stepping up to volunteer as a part of the Dr. Pepper Snapple Action Nation as well as the individual volunteers who made a huge difference in just one day of hard work. Finally, thank you to Sacramento Habitat for Humanity for all you do in our community and providing this volunteer experience.


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