Annual Report and Financials


Annual Report & Financials

United Way is committed to providing current and accurate financial information to ensure donors that all donations are being used effectively and efficiently. In this section you’ll find financial information about our organization including annual reports, audited financial statements, our IRS Form 990, Guidestar rating, code of ethics and more. 


Annual Report

Our annual report is our way of communicating with the community about our stewardship of the important role we play in the region. It contains a description of the things we’ve done as well as financial information. We produce this report annually and make it available online for download, but as a cost-saving measure, we no longer print large quantities of the reports.

*2019-2020 Annual Report Coming Soon!

2018-2019 Annual Report

2017-2018 Annual Report

2016-2017 Annual Report


Financial Reports

Because you trust us with your gifts, we consider it our No. 1 responsibility to ensure that we are operating ethically, effectively and transparently.

In this section you will be able to find and download copies of our most recent audited financial report and our most recent tax filing (IRS Form 990*).

*2019-20 Audited Financial Statements coming soon!

IRS Form 990

Audited Financial Report 2018-2019

Audited Financial Report 2017-2018

Audited Financial Report 2016-2017


Code of Ethics

United Way California Capital Region is committed to the highest ethical standards. Indeed, based on the trust placed in us to serve the public good, we have an obligation to act ethically.

Our success and reputation depend upon the ethical conduct of every staff, representative and volunteer. While no document can anticipate all of the challenges that may arise, the Code of Ethics communicates key guidelines and will assist us in making good decisions.