Sacramento Summer Lunchbox


Sacramento Summer Lunchbox
Resources for your Summer Food Service Program

The Sacramento Summer Meals Collaborative and its partners are thrilled to present the Sacramento Summer Lunchbox, a toolkit to help you promote your summer meals program.

We’re excited to combine all of these resources into one place to help maintain and increase participation in summer meal service programs throughout the region. Together, we can ensure that more youth have access to the nutrition they need to grow and thrive during the summer months.

Explore the Sacramento Summer Lunchbox and all the resources it has to offer below or download the full toolkit.

We keep adding to the toolkit, so check back often.


Best Practices

Learning from other communities is a great way to enhance your Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) site. The USDA has gathered best practices from communities across the nation and compiled resources to help increase the efficiency of your summer meal program.


Marketing and Promotion
General marketing tips, sample social media, PSAs, etc.

Marketing and promoting your summer meals program is important for getting the word out about your site and to get kids and teens to keep company. We’ve made it easy for you to choose the right message, the best tool, and customize the message to fit your needs – you’ll find sample text for public service announcements, newsletters, social media, letters to parents, calendar listings, and best practices to go along with them!


Hosting a Summer Kick Off event

A summer kick-off event is a prefect opportunity to engage the community and promote your summer meal site while having a fun, family friendly event. The scale of your summer kick-off event will vary depending on your organization’s capacity and resources available.

Kick-off events help to introduce summer meals to your community. The goal of the event is to get parents, children and the community excited about your summer meal program.

The Sacramento Summer Meals Collaborative wants to promote all summer kick-off events throughout the region. Use this guide to help you decide if hosting a summer kick-off event is the right fit for your program.


How to Recruit, Train and Manage Volunteers to Support the Summer Food Service Program

This resource is intended to provide a basic overview of the volunteer management process to help you develop a plan to recruit, train, manage, and engage volunteers. While this list is a good overview and quick resource, we suggest you continue to research volunteer management as it relates to your program in order for your volunteer program to thrive.

Volunteers play a critical role for many Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sites across the region. Engaging volunteers to help support your program can help enhance meal service and support enrichment activities to keep youth engaged and coming back all summer long. The number of volunteers you need will depend on many factors, including the role the volunteer will play in the summer meal program, including serving meals, leading activities, how many meals you anticipate serving each day, and existing staff to support your summer efforts.