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Retiree Giving Club

A new branch of United Way supporters dedicated to championing change and taking action, those about to retire are significant to strengthening our community. The Retiree Giving Club members will get involved with United Way through giving opportunities and volunteering.

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April news from United Way’s Retiree Giving Club

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Women in Philanthropy & Retiree Giving Club at Day of Caring
September 11

Members of United Way’s Women in Philanthropy and Retiree Giving Club donated their time on Day of Caring at ALS Association Greater Sacramento Chapter.

Volunteers helped ALS clean and organize their medical equipment closet, which will result in more efficient services for persons with ALS. Volunteers also organized items that can borrowed by patients and their familes, such as wheelchairs, walkers and respiratory machines.

Thank you to the volunteers who came out and helped this worthy cause.

Post Article by Russ Gostage

Finding value in volunteerism after retirement
Baby Boomers look to retiree giving club to make a difference

As the Baby Boomer Generation begins to enter its golden years, many of us are looking for something to do, something that will allow us to give back to our communities while adding value to our lives. The Retiree Giving Club (RGC) is just the place for you! The club’s goal is to bring volunteer opportunities to you, the hardest working generation in the history of America and to put your work ethic and vast knowledge to good use by helping those in need.

Carol and Roger Stoughton at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle
Blog By Allison Moore

Roger Stoughton, Volunteer
Connecting Retirees to Causes

Hard-working volunteers rarely see themselves as heroes or anything more than someone trying to make a small difference in their community. It came as no surprise that when I sat down with United Way’s Retiree Giving Club volunteer, Roger Stoughton, and used the word “hero,” he balked at the idea. However, as our conversation unfolded and I learned about all that Roger and his wife Carol have contributed over the last 30 years, both in time and financially, it’s clear that the Stoughtons are true examples of community heroes.

Roger worked for the State of California for more than 30 years. He was always active in the state’s giving campaign, designating some of his donations to his church, St. Mark’s Methodist Church in Sacramento and United Way. When I asked him why United Way, he explained that United Way covers a lot of organizations that make an impact in the community. As a long-time resident of Carmichael, it’s important to Roger and Carol that money stays local and supports the region where they live and have raised a family.

In Roger’s words, “charity begins at home.”


Lorrie Wilson, Volunteer
Find out why she inspires us to do more.

Lorrie Wilson is an outstanding person. She is a multitalented individual who is involved in several of United Way’s impact ventures. Lorrie keeps busy as a co-chair of Women in Philanthropy; She is also a community volunteer on the Financial Stability Impact Council; as well as becoming involved is the recently formed Retiree Giving Club. We were very honored to have Lorrie let us get to know her a little better and share with us her experiences with United Way and our affinity groups.


How to Get Involved

The goal of the Retiree Giving Club is to build a network of retirees focused on volunteering, mentoring and donating their resources to our local community.

As Baby Boomers begin to enter their golden years, many are pursuing opportunities to give back and get involved in their communities. The Retiree Giving Club provides this dynamic group of individuals with opportunities to contribute their time and talents to the community while developing relationships with other like-minded retirees and working to create positive, long-lasting impact on the California Capital region. 

To get involved in the Retiree Giving Club, contact Russ Gostage