(Unavailable) YMCA of Superior California- Extreme Makeover: The Y Welcome Center!
Friday, Sept. 22, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


5-10 volunteers needed

Project description:

Have you visited the Y lately? It is still one of the most affordable, welcoming and popular places for child care, summer camp, to learn to swim, and stay fit, in spirit, mind and body. In 65 years, its impossible to know the number of people who walked through the front doors. The Y Lobby has been a pass-through for so many people and so many years, it’s needs an extreme makeover!  The Y respectfully proposed to take the first step transformation with volunteers on the Day of Caring, and make the YMCA Welcome Center welcoming again. 

The lobby space is approximately 450 sq ft. and needs paint plus creative ideas to encourage the Y to be appear more open and inviting as a vibrant neighbor in our Midtown YMCA community.  Our members and participants parents want a space to be social, read, or just be around other people.  We believe the proper configuration will allow the Y to be more efficient with members, AND provide a safe and friendly place for the loyal decades-long membership base that see the YMCA as their essential second home. 


2021 W Street
Sacramento, CA

Additional notes:

Please wear clothes that can get paint on them and bring any painting tools you can spare!