(Unavailable) Women of Color on the Move- Community Farms for Families!
Saturday, Sept. 23, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.


20-30 volunteers needed

Project description:

Women of Color on the Move is committed to helping women, youth, and communities thrive.  We provide a variety of services, programs and access to resources to advance this mission.  We are working at several multi-family housing units along Mack Road to provide workforce training and development and STEM programming to enrich the lives of the community members, and help them to become financially self-sufficient.  We believe in the overall health and well-being of individuals and communities, and have several initiatives including health and fitness.  To promote an overall healthy and thriving lifestyle, community beautification, and opportunities to learn about urban farming, we would like to create urban farms and community gardens at the multi-family housing units we work with on Mack Road.  We have been in collaboration with District 8 Councilman Larry Carr to provide these services, and are working with the building managers and community partners to create these farms and gardens.  We could use some more volunteers to ensure this ambitious, phenomenal community project is successful!


Providence Place Apartments, Cedar Place Apartments, Cedar Ridge, Aspen Park 5555, 5152, 
4945 Mack Road 
Sacramento, CA 

Additional notes:

Please bring your favorite pair of gloves and any gardening tools you can spare!