(Unavailable) Health Education Council- Roseville Heights Community Park Day!
Saturday, Sept. 23, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.


20-30 volunteers needed

Project description:

As one of the oldest parks in Roseville, Weber Park sits in the heart of the Roseville Heights neighborhood. Due to the proximity of a local homeless resource center, Weber Park prohibits residents to feel safe in using their own community park. Over the past several months, residents have to come together to form an active neighborhood association to combat issues occurring at their park such as transient loitering, police activity, and an increase in trash and debris. As part of this project, you will get to help residents and community partners clean up the park by pruning overgrown bushes, picking up trash and debris, and cleaning existing play equipment. The clean-up day will also include a celebration for the residents where you can volunteer to help organize pickup basketball with local law enforcement, yoga, and flag football. There will also be a BBQ lunch provided. 


Weber Park
320 Circuit Drive
Roseville, CA

Additional notes:

Please bring your favorite pair of gloves and any gardening tools you can spare!