Financial Coaching


Financial Coaching

In 2013, our United Way launched a Financial Coaching network of six organizations in our region that were seeking to help their constituents build long-term financial security.

Thanks to significant investments in 2016 from Citi Community Development and JPMorgan Chase, we recently grew the scale of our support for this work by creating a Financial Coaching Training and Certification initiative. 


Meet Shandra Thomas – our first certified financial coach

Thanks to significant funding from Citi Community Development and additional support from JPMorgan Chase, we have been able to give financial coaching grants to local organizations in our region. Shandra Thomas is the first member of our cohort to pass her certification test. Get to know more about Shandra and why she wanted to become a certified financial coach:

Success Story Written by: Amy Williamson, Financial Stability Program Officer

Coaches need coaching too
On June 6 and 7, thanks to support from Citi Community Development, our United Way hosted nationally-renowned financial coaching expert Saundra Davis of Sage Financial Solutions for a regional training event.

After we’ve flown a certain number of times in our lives, we tend to tune out the emergency instructions given by the flight attendants. Yes, yes, we think subconsciously – I already know that I need to put the oxygen mask on myself before I try to assist others.

But how many of us apply this advice in our own lives on the ground? This is an especially important issue for people working in helping professions. How can we help others tackle challenges and pursue their goals and dreams if we’re not fully doing that for ourselves?