Image of Education: STAR Readers project

Education: STAR Readers project
Help kids graduate from high school

Right now, 32% of teens don’t graduate from high school. And one of the biggest reasons is because they’re not reading at grade level.

It all starts in third grade.

Kids who don’t read at grade level by end of third grade are 70% more likely to drop out of high school. The reason? Up through third grade, kids are learning to read. From fourth grade on, they’re reading to learn.

Right now, 52% of third-graders aren’t reading at grade level, according to their STAR Test results, which looks at how well schools and students are performing.

Solution: United Way’s STAR Readers project

Our goal is to build stronger communities ensuring that every student in our region will read at grade level by fourth grade and graduate from high school.

But this challenge is too big for one nonprofit to solve – we need everyone on board. Here’s how we’re going to accomplish that goal together: We’re helping kids read at grade level as early as possible so they will graduate from high school.

We’re working with schools to locate K-3 students with significant reading challenges and help them read at grade level by the time they take the STAR Test.

It’s working.
42% of the 663 STAR Readers are now reading at grade level.
Join the movement.

When you invest in United Way’s LIVE UNITED movement through your donations and your volunteer work, you join hands with our partners – nonprofits, companies, government bodies, volunteers and donors – to rebuild our community and give every person the building blocks for a good life.

If you are interested in joining the group of volunteers on the Education Impact Council that oversee this project, contact